The Clever Giraffe


Giraffes have one of the longest gestation periods an any mammal (400 to 460 days), but within hours of being born, are running around. Is it any wonder that the birth of Clever Giraffe involved a long working relationship between Jonathan Henderson and Donnie Page at Citrix Systems, where they perfected the synthesis between software demonstrations and professional video? Next, they hit the ground running as Clever Giraffe and have been happily creating ever since.


Jonathan Henderson has more than 25 years of in-depth experience in the creative, computer, film and television fields. As a graduate of Northwestern University Film School, he was a screenwriter, camera operator, set designer and sound engineer on episodic television and movies. He also spent 20 years as a UI designer and coder for Microsoft Office and Adobe. Then he transferred his skills to the Web (,, as an architecture and usability expert, schooled in Nielsen-Norman techniques.


Donnie Page blends experience as a photographer, set and lighting designer, comedy writer and software developer with 15 years in project management, including 10 at Citrix creating internal product demonstrations. His knowledge about the creative process underwent ROI training at UPS, where he was technology manager of a multimillion dollar project. Donnie’s ability to see both the forest and the trees ensures each Clever Giraffe endeavor is completed on time and on budget.


The Clever Giraffe Supporting Cast includes a large stable of talent and resources available to complement your project including:

  • Actors
  • Music Library
  • Stock images and footage
  • Technical designers
  • Voiceover talent
The Clever Giraffe