The Clever Giraffe


Clever Giraffe doesn't plug your multimedia project into a cookie-cutter template. Instead, each mini-movie has a fresh perspective to ensure your brand stands out, not ours.

We combine a strong television and film background with the latest in online integration technology to create a blockbuster for the price of an indie. Of course, having our own studio, green screen and production equipment doesn't hurt.

No prima donnas here. Each Clever Giraffe creation earns its keep in eyeballs fixed to the screen, click-throughs for more information and word-of-mouth viral distribution. Brains and beauty in one Web-digestable package. How great is that?

Here's how it works:


  • Strategize to identify goals and creative direction
  • Script audio and visual elements
  • Storyboard a graphic representation of the final product
Studio with Jon on cam


  • Capture the demo sequences either on location or using our in-studio green screen
  • Film spokesperson and record narration
  • Intercut graphics and animation
Studio with Jon on cam


  • Finalize editing, music, sound effects and delivery format
Studio with Jon on cam
The Clever Giraffe