The Clever Giraffe

S3Integrity designs and manage cost-effective, brand-building Customer Experience through web-based self-service solutions. They help clients reduce phone, chat and email volume and call-center related costs...without compromising customer loyalty.

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Workspace Communications

The Project

S3Integrity client, Workspace Communications, wanted a compelling video to introduce unified communications to visitors of their recently launced website and they wanted it quickly. Clever Giraffe delivered a video with both an engaging story and informative message that will definitely engage the viewer, while meeting the client deadline.

Behind the Scenes

We were able to match the Workspace personality with a video style that used animated images and text backed by music and voice narration from our pool of voice talent to explain the benefits of unified communications. Although the schedule was compressed, our storyboard process provided us the proper medium to define the video and practically eliminate the need for editing reviews, while still producing a high quality video.

The Clever Giraffe