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Citrix Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of virtualization, networking and software-as-a-service (SaaS) technologies for more than 230,000 organizations worldwide. In a nutshell, they make software and hardware that help companies manage IT more effectively and provide solutions for remote and offline users.

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XenServer Product Demonstration

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XenServer Training Presentation

"Clever Giraffe listened to our needs and created exactly what we needed to produce the right blend of style and substance."

Adam Lotz, Technical Marketing Manager, Citrix

The Project

Citrix needed updated demonstration and training materials for XenServer, its server virtualization platform. Clever Giraffe delivered both a lively video demo featuring a spokesperson and clean look to match the brand design, and a training presentation with a polished voiceover that invoked trust and confidence.

Behind the Scenes

First we reviewed the XenServer product line, past product demonstrations, and current design ideas with the XenServer Technical Marketing team. The biggest challenge was showcasing the product and technology in a way that would make sense to anyone visiting the Citrix website. We hired a professional actor from our pool of on-screen talent, as well as incorporated animated graphics, to explain the technical aspects of the product.

For the training presentation, we tapped a highly touted voiceover professional with more than 20 years of experience, who provided just the right touch.

The Clever Giraffe